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Where Did The E-Cigarette Come From?

It seems that out of nowhere the electronic cigarette gained traction in the tobacco and inhalant market. Thousands of people began to smoke this vapor and it quickly became a fad among many western nations who have become increasingly more health conscious as time continues. Although it recently came into popularity, the e cig has been around for many decades. So, where did this new health product come from and why is it becoming popular now?

The Origin of the Electronic Cigarette
About 50 years in 1963, Herbert A. Gilbert began the process of patenting his new invention, the e cig. During this time, Gilbert was smoking 40 cigarettes a day and began to notice his health deteriorating. In order to continue his habit in a healthier way, he created the process of a smokeless tobacco cigarette. Instead of inhaling all of the harmful toxins that are encased inside of a cigarette, the e-cig would produce a heated nicotine solution that would replace the burning of tobacco and paper we all are acquainted with.

Rise to Popularity
Although Herbert Gilbert created the technology, the time was not right to introduce it to the market. At the time, almost 42% of adults were regular smokers. Furthermore, many doctors encouraged smoking as a healthy activity. Based on these circumstances, the general population was not ready for the e cig, nor did they want it.

As the dangers of normal cigarettes became common knowledge, many methods were created to stop the consumption of cigarettes. Among the most popular methods are nicotine patches, behavioral therapy, medicines, and a combination of these methods. In the mid-2000s, a Chinese pharmicist named Hon Lik, utilized his company as a platform to export his version of the electronic cigarette.

Cornering the Market
The recent movement to end public smoking areas has created massive amounts of wealth of e cig manufacturers. Although it is still too early to tell, e cigs have a huge growth potential in the future. With the negative view of smoking held by millenialls and the illegality of tobacco smoking in enclosed public spaces, the ability for e cigs to capilize on the cigarette producers lost market share is high.

The Future of E-Cigarettes
As the viability of the product continues to grow in todays market, more electronic cigarette manufacturers will continue to come to market. As seen in France, new versions of this technology are spreading. The most recent version to come to market presents a cigarette look alike that contains enough nicotine to equal the amount of 30 cigarettes. These new products are presented with a highly competitive price, increasing their viability.


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