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The 4 Best Ways to Take Care of Your E-cigarette

People vape for a wide range of reasons, but one of the primary reasons people vape is to enjoy the variety of enticing flavors such as delicious desserts, sweet fruits, or traditional tobacco. However, there are many factors that can influence the flavor of an e-juice. Here are 4 ways to get the most out of your e-cigarette. 

1. Use Customizable E-cigarettes

Each vapor juice comes with unique properties and works best under different temperatures and wattage ratings. When an individual has an e-cigarette that only provides one temperature or wattage level, it will prevent him or her from getting the most out of the e-juice. There are a wide range of mods and e-cigarettes that come with multiple temperature settings and wattage levels. By choosing a customizable e-cig, an individual will have the freedom to adjust the settings and find out what is best for his or her e-juice. 

2. Reduce Airflow

There are many vapor mods and electronic cigarettes that come with adjustable airflow capabilities. When the airflow is opened, it can reduce the draw resistance, which will enable vapor to flow freely. Mixing more air with vapor can cause the taste of the e-juice to diminish. By cutting down on airflow, an individual will experience the full flavor of his or her e-juice. For the best results, choose a vapor mod that has airflow holes underneath the coil. 

3. Be Selective About Your Equipment

If an individual wants optimal flavor, he or she should have a high quality atomizer for the e-cig. If an indiviudal wants to keep it simple, a clearomizer, which has bottom coils, is typically the best choice. This is because the e-juice doesn't need to be absorbed upwards to heat the device. Furthermore, sub ohm vape tanks will enable even more distinct flavoring than traditional clearomizers. Those who prefer to use a rebuildable atomizer will need to consider the setup. Cotton wicks that are made from organic material will produce more flavor because the natural fibers are free of fertilizer residue or pesticides. When considering coils, kanthal and nickel will most likely produce the best flavor, which is because the metal is not reactive and won't produce a metallic taste. 

4. Try to use Propylene Glycol

Although e-juices with high levels of vegetable glycerin will produce bigger clouds, there is the potential for less flavor with these vape juices. If an individual chooses an e-liquid that has higher levels of propylene glycol, it will result in a stronger flavor. There a variety of e-juice blends that are made for those who want the best of both worlds, which is usually half vegetable glycol and half propylene glycol. However, blends are also available with a higher vegetable glycol or higher propylene glycol

When you take care of your e cigarette, you will get the most out of your e-juice. Although it can seem time consuming, it is the best way to ensure you will get the most flavor from your preferred e-juice.


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