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5 Ways to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Build-Up

The gradual or sudden build-up of carbon monoxide gas in your home can turn into a dangerous situation that threatens the health and well-being of you and the entire family. This is one situation that you need to do everything to avoid. Below are five ways to keep carbon monoxide from building up and keep your family safe.

1 - Regular Heater Maintenance

A furnace that is in good operating condition will be less likely to produce excess amounts of carbon monoxide. Burning a clean flame is one indication that the system is probably safe to operate. You should have the heater checked before using it each year. They can ensure everything is set for clean and efficient use, or perform any needed furnace repairs.

2 - Change the Filter

Allowing the heater an opportunity to breathe in clean air will reduce any traces of carbon monoxide that build. Carbon monoxide is a natural byproduct of burning natural gas. It is impossible to have a system that is 100 percent free, but limiting the amounts through good ventilation allows safe levels for humans and pets. The cost of a replacement filter is a small investment in trade for the health and well-being of your family.

3 - Overworking Heater

The more fuel that is burnt, the greater the amount of carbon monoxide will be. Keep this in mind when you crank the heat up in the winter months. Always allow for additional ventilation by cracking open a couple of windows when the furnace is being operated constantly. Seek furnace repairs if the unit seems to be working harder than usual.

4 - Sudden Sleepiness

A few of the major symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are extreme drowsiness, disorientation, and possible nausea. If you or any family members suddenly feel drowsy, especially during the day, seek fresh air and see if any symptoms clear up. Carbon monoxide makes it impossible to take in enough life-sustaining oxygen and can prove fatal. Have your furnace checked if you suspect there is a problem.

5 - Carbon Monoxide Detectors

One way to feel at ease is to have carbon monoxide detectors installed. These should be located in all sleeping areas. It will alert you to the presence of this gas at levels that are harmful. You will have the ability to keep your family safe and seek the needed furnace repair Newmarket.

Keeping you and your family safe from the effects of carbon monoxide should be a priority. Staying aware of symptoms and regular furnace maintenance is a great start to sustaining the health and welfare of your household.


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